Hulk Hogan Is Suing Gawker AGAIN; Plans To Completely Ruin Them

When $140 million just isn’t enough.

Hulk Hogan already took Gawker to the cleaners last month when he successfully sued them for $140 MILLION for publishing his sex tape – more than he was even asking for.

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Well I guess he’s not satisfied with $140 million so he’s now suing Gawker again, saying the gossip site leaked sealed court documents with a transcript that quoted him making racist remarks.

Gawker denied that it leaked the transcript to the National Enquirer, in which Hogan says some pretty racist things about his daughter’s black ex-boyfriend. This led to the WWE severing its ties with Hogan and putting a big blemish on his legacy.

Hogan’s spokesperson says:

Mr. Bollea said from the beginning that he would seek to hold all persons and entities fully responsible for their wrongful actions. This lawsuit seeks to do just that.



Who knew Hogan was this much of a savage outside the ring? Barely done counting his $140 million and he’s already back for more. Suing the corpse of the website which he already murdered just a few weeks ago. What you gonna do brother?! What you gonna do indeed.

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