Pro Wrestling Flashback: Hulk Hogan Turns On The Fans & Forms The nWo

One of the biggest moments in pro wrestling history.

The final episode of The Last Dance where they showed footage of Dennis Rodman skipping practice to hang out with the nWo reminded me of one of the biggest moments in pro wrestling history – the night the original nWo was born in 1996.

Seeing Hulk Hogan finally turn heel after spending his entire career as a fan favourite was such a huge moment, it turned WCW from a joke of a company in WWE’s shadow into the #1 wrestling promotion on the planet for a good couple years:

It was this moment that pretty much forced WWE to change their whole strategy and usher in the ‘Attitude Era’ just so that they could compete with WCW, which ended up producing the best pro wrestling era ever from the late 90s to the early 00s. It’s very rare that wrestling fans just start throwing shit in the ring so you can tell what a big deal this was for everyone to finally see Hulk Hogan become an asshole and begin his transformation into Hollywood Hulk Hogan – reinventing his character and adding years onto his career.

The nWo would quickly grow into an oversized faction pretty much accepting every WWE reject they could, and eventually split off into two groups – black & white nWo and the Wolfpac, which is when WWE started catching up. At its peak though – the nWo was something the wrestling world hadn’t ever seen before and ended up changing the industry for the better. Well, temporarily at least.

They also had weird porno style entrance music for some reason:

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