Watch This Guy Break The Guinness World Record For Most Hugs In One Minute

Do you like hugs? This guy loves them.

Krishna Kumar spread the love in a big way this week after breaking the record for the ‘Most hugs given in one minute by an individual’, as recognised by Guinness World Records.

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Krishna went over to a school in Pradesh in India and managed to hug 79 different people in 60 seconds.

Watch below:

What a performance! Those were 60 of the most riveting seconds I’ve ever seen. Hug game though the roof. Wonder how many hours he had to practice to get it just perfect? Just asking random schoolkids to hug him for milliseconds at a time en route to captioning a Guinness World Record. Not creepy at all. Congrats Krishna.

You know who would totally fail at this? That man giving away free hugs in Times Square who punched a tourist in the face.


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