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Hosting an event is rewarding, but it can also be expensive, with fees adding up quickly. There are a few places you can save money while promoting everything from concerts and multi-day music festivals to highly engaging digital experiences. You can reduce ticketing fees and increase sales without hurting your event. 

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Use Ticketing Software

Cut out the intermediary players for your event and use one platform for everything. Creating an event can be time-consuming, stressful, and costly. Often time promoters can lose money despite outstanding ticket sales. 

Charges vary depending on the venue, vendors, time of year, security needs, and even state and local laws. These are just a few of several situations that can increase ticket costs and reduce attendance. 

Additionally, fees can increase when you move to fully online broadcasts because of broadcast regulations and technology and equipment needs. 

Never Pass The Fees To Ticket Holders

Some companies try to save you money by passing the fees directly to your customers. Higher ticket fees for attendees can cost more in the long run with low sales. Avoid platforms that won’t work for you and your clients. These companies aren’t changing their business to meet the needs of all parties. 

Yes, this technique provides the appearance of low- or no-fee options to help you get your event moving, but by transferring the costs from one person to another, they’re pushing away potential sales. Reducing the number of attendees can cost you much more in the long-run. For example, you still pay the venue’s full price, no matter how many tickets you sell. 

If you don’t sell the minimum for some locations, it could increase the amount you pay for the venue. PromoTix fee-free services never pass the buck to you or your event patrons. 

Avoid Long-Term Contracts

Not all ticketing software applications are equal. Weed out the companies that want to help you “save” with a multi-year agreement that locks you into a contract. There’s no guarantee you’ll be happy with the platform, and it could cost you thousands to get out of if the tech they offer isn’t meeting your needs. 

If you’re happy with our free options, consider moving up to a longer deal. PromoTix wants to save you time and money through our one-stop platform so you can focus on creating and producing an event that will be memorable for years to come. 

Boost Sales Through Marketing Strategies 

The more tickets you sell, the lower your overall costs will be. The powerful digital tools allow you to operate custom branded event mobile apps to connect with attendees, send text SMS messages reminding customers of upcoming events, and quickly launch email and social media marketing campaigns to boost sales. 

PromoTix is free to use for all our essential services. Clients never pay ticketing fees with our free option. Even after upgrading to our Promoter or Professional features that offer more choices to grow your event sales and customer satisfaction, the free-forever options with PromoTix remain.



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