How To Plan For A Double And Blank Gameweek In FPL 



In most cases, English Premier League fans who like to bet on football matches also love playing Fantasy Premier League. They usually look forward to double gameweeks, a gameweek where some teams play twice. This gives savvy managers the advantage of gaining fantasy points in both matches in a single gameweek instead of one.

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However, a double gameweek should not be confused with having more than one gameweek in a single week. It is totally different.

So, How Do You Plan For A Double Gameweek?

There are a few double gameweeks left of the 2022/2023 premier league season. If you are looking forward to garnering more points from them, you can start by looking at your bench. In that case, you need to update your squad with players who will play twice in the coming double gameweek.

Another strategy used by savvy managers is recruiting players with upcoming double gameweeks to their squads. However, this strategy requires considering the following factors:

  1. What is the likelihood of the incoming players being featured in their respective teams?
  2. For how long do you need these players in your team?
  3. Will the players you will invest in be able to give you more points depending on the opponents they are facing in that particular double gameweek?

After looking at the above factors, you need to consider if the players are worth it and how you will bring them in. For instance, you can use your free transfers to bring in a few players.

However, you may have limited free transfers left to bring all the players you need. In that case, you can use your “Free Hit” chip to get all the players you need for that particular double gameweek.

Tips You Can Consider In The Upcoming Gameweek 25

Arsenal, Wolves, Everton, and Liverpool will play twice in Gameweek 25. However, Wolves, Everton, and Liverpool have had challenging seasons in the past, which means investing in them is taking a huge risk. On the other hand, Arsenal have been in great form and have two double gameweeks. Therefore, you can invest heavily in Arsenal.

What About A Blank Gameweek?

Similarly, the bench can also save you during a blank gameweek. In a blank gameweek, you can move three players plus a goalkeeper from the bench slots and replace them with players who won’t play in that particular blank gameweek.

However, it is essential to make an informed decision on whether to retain or sell certain players for a blank gameweek. For instance, in gameweek 25, you can bench and retain key players such as Marcus Rashford, Kieran Trippier, and Luke Shaw for the upcoming games.

You might also decide not to have 11 players in game week 25 and instead have ten players if you want more than three players after a blank gameweek 25. For instance, if you need Kaoru Mitoma, Shaw, Trippier, and Rashford in gameweek 26, you can decide to play with ten players for gameweek 25.

Confirmed Double And Blank Gameweeks For The Upcoming Events

Here are the confirmed double and blank gameweeks to help you manage your team well.

Double Gameweek 25

  • Wolves will play Fulham away and Liverpool away.
  • Liverpool will play Crystal Palace away and Wolves at home.
  • Arsenal will play Leicester away and Everton at home.
  • Everton will play Aston Villa at home and Arsenal away.

Double Gameweek 27

  • Crystal Palace will play Manchester City at home and Brighton away.
  • Brighton will play Leeds away and Crystal Palace at home.
  • Southampton will play Manchester United away and Brentford at home.
  • Brentford will play Everton away and Southampton at home.

Blank Gameweek 25

In most cases, blank gameweeks are due to some fixtures or competitions coinciding with the Premier League, especially the Carabao Cup and the FA Cup games. Here are the teams that will blank in gameweek 25:

  • Newcastle vs Brighton match has been postponed.
  • Manchester vs Brentford match has been postponed.

Final Word

Planning for the upcoming double and blank gameweeks can help you climb the overall FPL rank or give you an advantage over your mini-league rivals. Therefore, you must think ahead to ensure you have enough players for that particular gameweek. You can avoid those that will blank and maximize on players who will likely appear in a match twice.



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