How To Piss In Public

Did you know there’s an art to pissing in public?

Did you know there’s an art to pissing in public? I always just thought it was about managing to do it without anyone seeing you, but turns out there are techniques you can employ to pull off the perfect decoy-piss. I’m sure the only time when it’s acceptable to piss in public is when you’re hammered, when there are no toilets in sight and when you’re out of view of anyone, especially women and children.

Now this video teaches you a couple of techniques that you may be forced to use if you’re stuck needing a piss and you can’t fill the above three criteria. Maybe when you’re involved in a daytime drinking session or if you have a really weak bladder and can’t hold in your piss for shit (that sentence works right?). There’s the piss in a cup method, pretty straight forward, the piss down a newspaper method and a few others which this dude demonstrates in the video blow. It’s all down to using your mobile phone as a distraction, so make sure you’re never caught needing a piss in public with no mobile phone cos then you’re really screwed. Check it:

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