How To Pickpocket Like A Boss


I’d be more than happy to be pick pocketed by this guy, the GOD of pick pocketing.


Pickpocketing is one of those skills that even though it’s kind of skanky and done by Eastern European tramps on the streets of Manchester, it’s also got a glamourous side thanks to the main man in Assassin’s Creed who pulls off a good ol’ pickpocket oh so sensually.

Now the guy in this video is king of the pickpocketers, in fact he’s GOD of the pickpocketers. He’d pick pocket every motherfucking pickpocketer out there if he had the chance. If pickpocketing was a game this guy wrote the motherfucking game. Pure skills to pay those telephone bills. He can slink and slide his hands like you’ve never seen before. BAM your watch is gone BAM where’s your wallet BAM my tie dafuq? And if you left him with your daughter he’d probably pickpocket her virginity he’s that good. Check it:

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