How To Ensure That Your Online Girlfriend Isn’t Fake?

The internet has given us plenty of great things over the years. We can get almost everything delivered to our home, we can start and develop a career online, we can study and get a degree online, and we can make life-long friendships online as well!

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Because online relationships are so common, you can’t help but wonder: is my online friend real… or fake? Catfishing is a real thing and happens way more than you think. But there are many ways to work around that problem! Here’s how:

  1. Why do people create fake profiles?

Creating a believable fake profile takes hard work and dedication. Because of this, one can’t help but wonder why anyone would do such a thing. The answer is simple: because of fun, insecurity, or financial reasons.

A lot of people create fake profiles for fun. Some people like spending their time doing something like this. It’s usually teenage kids who have plenty of free time and not much to do with it.

Several people have been caught catfishing other people out of sheer insecurity. They feel like they aren’t enough for other people to like them. Instead of showing who they truly are, they create a fake persona online.

Creating a fake profile for financial reasons is a real thing. This is the most common reason behind fake online profiles. Some scammers make a living creating fake profiles and looking for real people to convince of their lies. If you fall for a scam artist’s fake profile, they will eventually start asking for money, gifts, and your sensitive data – because all they want is money.

  1. How can I find out if my online friend is a fake profile?

There are several ways you can do this. Bear in mind the things listed here indicate that your online friend could be a fake, not that they are 100% a fake profile. At the end of the day, you’ll have to trust your gut with this.

Suspicious pictures: If your online friend has a few pictures and refuses to upload new ones, that’s a red flag. Especially if they only upload professional pictures.

Suspicious info: If they don’t like to talk about themselves or if their personal story is full of holes, something might be up. Maybe this new friend doesn’t trust you yet – or maybe it’s a fake profile.

Suspicious personality: Most of the time, people who create fake profiles distance themselves from their own personality. They try to be someone who they are not and, in their effort, they’ll talk differently and behave weirdly. Be on the lookout for things like weird speech patterns and behaviour.

  1. Signs your online girlfriend might be fake

If you have developed a romantic interest with someone online, that’s great! A lot of long-lasting relationships have started that way. Unfortunately, plenty of people have fallen in love with a fake profile. There are four signs you need to look out for when it comes to fake profiles:

She asks about your financial situation: This is a major red flag. If she is asking about your money or overall financial situation, she isn’t real and is looking for money. Asking for credit card information is a major red flag, no matter how she does it.

She doesn’t share information: Fake profiles have a focus on profile pictures and having a simple, easy-to-remember backstory. They don’t try to go overboard with their information – so, the more you ask, the less they will be able to tell you. Not sharing too much is a sign of a fake profile.

She doesn’t upload new pictures or takes selfies: If her pictures are from years ago, you are probably dealing with a fake profile. People love to take selfies – it’s borderline effortless! Ask for one. If you get nothing, you might be dealing with a fake profile.

She doesn’t want to meet: The best way to know whether that online girlfriend exists or not is meeting. If she doesn’t want to meet after a while, she might not exist at all.

  1. Make sure they are real by using Spokeo

If you are suspicious of your online girlfriend or any other type of online relationship, there’s a fireproof way to check it out. You can see whether they are fake or real using Spokeo.

Spokeo reverse phone lookup is an online website that could provide you with all the information that you need. All you have to do is write down someone’s name or phone number, and Spokeo phone number lookup could tell you everything you need to know about them. Even if they have a criminal record!

If their name or phone number doesn’t match the information provided by Spokeo, you are, unfortunately, dealing with a fake profile.

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