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You may have heard of a rather interesting job – a freelance writer. Indeed, I can assure you that being a freelance writer is a rather interesting and refreshing experience in comparison to the traditional 8-5 job that can exhaust you really fast. Even more, this career choice might become something more than a temporary job while you’re studying. You should trust me on this one, I know. That is why I decided to provide you with some tips on how to become a freelance writer, specifically in the UK.

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Let’s start with simple things – what is this freelance writing and how you eat it

Basically, this profession means that you’re a pen for hire, so you trade your words and ideas for money. You get an idea, or your contractor gives you one, and you begin writing according to the instructions. The list of specializations is very broad and includes:

As you can easily see, these niches and others can be easily filled, pick the one you fancy more.

With this covered, I have to tell you about the advantages and disadvantages of this type of work as well. First of all, this is a perfect job for people that are able to organize themselves and devote some time to research, if one is needed. Secondly, it has actually great monetary returns, which can vary based on the quantity and complexity of the order you take. So, you can make a lot of money from one order, if it has specific instructions or demands. It is an excellent choice for people who want to acquire new skills or enhance current ones.

Still, this job has its drawbacks. First of all, being a freelance writer means that you have to find your own clients. Additionally, this is not a job for people who cannot motivate themselves. After all, if you accept a job, you have to do it. Secondly, a freelance writer has to be able to manage one’s time. Picking order means that you will have to find time to write it according to the instructions while in the given deadline. Finally, you can’t afford to be lazy, being a freelance writer will require you to learn some skills.

Let’s go to practice – first steps in your freelance career

The first step is to begin building your own portfolio. Although this sounds like an obvious step, you should understand that it may be a rather frustrating experience for some people. This link might be helpful for you, as the article gives some ideas on how to begin building a portfolio. There are other useful tips as well.

After you have created your portfolio, you can begin to look for the clients. The previously mentioned article also provides some tips on this one. From my personal experience, finding a person willing to hire a newbie freelance writer can be quite a challenge. The reason is simple – there are lots of other aspiring writers, so the competition is quite serious. Still, if you manage to create a decent portfolio, you won’t experience any significant problems with finding your first clients.

Another way is to try building a portfolio and experience like I did. Just google something like “write my essay cheap for me UK”. You are most likely to find a lot of companies that offer clients writing services, which are very popular, especially in the Uk. The reason is rather simple – students are suffering from a tremendous workload and require assistance from time to time. Then you just find those very companies on various job-seeking websites, such as this one. Trust me, you’ll find a lot of offers aimed at hiring writers.

With first steps covered, some final motivation and more advice

After building a portfolio, performing jobs for contractors becomes rather easy. The cause-effect is simple to understand – you build a personal image, unique writing style, and occupy some genre niche and price category. So, you will be able to find clients all the time, just remember not to overburden yourself with tasks, because losing a client because you are swarmed by a large number of orders is not an advisable course of action. Additionally, swarming yourself with tasks will inevitably, at some point in time, exhaust you and lead to burnout, it happens to almost every person that works without breaks. Because you’re self-employed, you don’t earn money if you are sick or non-functional.

If you manage yourself, avoid disputes with clients, and perform your job responsively, you won’t have any problems with money. After becoming a freelance writer, I was able to afford things that I thought would be forever closed to me. For example, if you’re a traveller type, you will be able to easily travel around the world. So, you will earn money while enjoying your life. It may sound like something unachievable in the modern world, but it’s not. So, if you consider becoming a freelance writer in the UK, you will have a lot of opportunities to succeed, just remember my advice and everything else will come to



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