How Sex Toys Revolutionized The Way We See Intimacy

The revolution continues.

Intimacy is a wide term and can mean closeness – physically or emotionally. The most widely discussed intimacy is physical or sexual intimacy. It is when two or more people know each other carnally. Sexual pleasure isn’t necessarily achieved with others, it can be achieved by oneself too. And although people have used self-pleasure to find sexual release, today there are sex toys to facilitate that and make it easier for single individuals to enjoy themselves. But it doesn’t mean that sex toys are only used by singles. They are used by couples as well and many companies have considered this demand and designed toys specifically for couples too. Sexual pleasure has been impacted by sex toys and they have revolutionized the way people get intimate or get physical pleasure. The following are a few types of sex toys and items that have changed the way we look at sexuality and pleasure.

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Toys For Single Women

Although women weren’t considered at the top of the list for pleasure devices, a very simple device changed the game. For women, clitoral stimulation seemed to do a good job in providing pleasure. And because of this, vibrators and massagers got the popularity they deserved. Women – single or in a relationship found that simple penetrative sex wouldn’t allow them to feel pleasure always and when they used a massager or a vibrator it would just produce explosive results. Today a single woman can get pleasure alone, thanks to these sex toys. In fact, today the variety of options has increased. From devices that can add suction to the clit, to pussy pumps, single women can get all the pleasure they desire and deserve!

Toys For Single Men

Men’s sex toys have really upped their game. Sex dolls were the initial sex toys that were designed for male pleasure and initial models were crude. But today they are extremely lifelike with soft, warm skin and even voice is added to some hi-tech models. You can find such dolls in stores and if you want, you can have them delivered to you as well. If a man doesn’t want to go for a full-fledged sex doll, there are other options available too. Fleshlight, stroking devices and massagers are a few toys that make great pleasure possible. These sex toys can be found in-store and online. Companies such as Hotcherry adult store can ship the product to you and have discreet packaging with billing.

Toys For Couples

Sex toys aren’t just for single men and women. Today, it can be used by couples to experiment and make their sex lives more exciting. It’s ok if just penetrative sex doesn’t do it for couples all the time. One can always add something naughty to sexual acts to make it more interesting. If sex is satisfying for both partners, then you both will reap the benefits. Your mood will be better and you will be happier in each other’s company. Couple vibrators, vibrating tongue rings, cock rings, finger stimulators – the list is long. You can experiment and try out toys that look like the right fit for you and your partner.

Kinky Pleasure

Vanilla sex was the norm earlier, but today kinks are accepted as part of sexual behavior too. Kinks and fetishes help some people in achieving better sexual satisfaction and to cater to this audience, companies have come up with new innovative toys. Anal beads, butt plugs, anal vibrators, strap-ons and bondage toys find a lot of users. The day 50 shades of Grey became mainstream, more people were intrigued and excited by BDSM. And the sex toy industry welcomed this acceptance by releasing more sex toys for “play”. You can find such toys easily online too.

Sex toys have truly revolutionized how sexual pleasure is viewed and experienced.


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