Here’s How Often You Should Wash Your Sheets, According To Science

You no longer have an excuse.

I think most people are guilty of not changing their sheets frequently enough (especially if you’re at uni), but I don’t think we’d ever been given a definitive, scientific answer as to how often we’re supposed to change our sheets in the first place.

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Well, the New York University School of Medicine has come through on that front to remind us all of the dangers of not changing your bed sheets — you risk sleeping on fungi, bacteria, soil, sweat, sputum, vaginal juice, spunk, poo, urine and skin. Not to mention all the bits of food you get on there.

Basically, any time you leave your sheets unchanged for too long, you can be sure you’re sleeping in heaps of bacteria every night, which obviously can’t be good for you.


To avoid this, Philip Tierno of the NYU School of Medicine advises you change your sheets… ONCE A WEEK. That’s it.

Philip says:

Stuff like that accumulates to become significant usually between one or two weeks.

Bottom line, they should be washed probably on the average of once a week.

Think you can manage that? Or do you need mum to do it?

Just don’t get too comfy sleeping in your clean sheets – don’t you know oversleeping can cause blindness?


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