How To Install Artificial Turf On Football Field?

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Artificial turf is a product that is produced as different product groups to be used in many areas. Companies such as Integral Turf, which brought artificial turf to Turkey, produce different products for each field. In this article, it will be mentioned about artificial turf details and its installation in football fields.

Use Of Artificial Turf In Sports Fields

One of the areas where artificial turf is used the most is sports floors. It can be used in many areas such as rugby, tennis, and football field construction and it helps to reduce carpet field costs. Artificial turf, the first area of use of which is known as football fields, has started to be used in many areas with the development of technology over time. It is very advantageous to use artificial turf in sports fields with different technical features for each sports field.

Advantages Of Artificial Turf In Sports Fields

Artificial grass has many advantages. Some of these advantages may be listed as follows;

  • Artificial grass products do not require additional maintenance costs so sports clubs do not have to deal with laborious tasks such as fertilizing and mowing.
  • It allows for long-term use and is more economical than natural grass in the long run.
  • Artificial turf is very easy to clean. Simply sweeping and, in very hot weather, spraying water on it to cool it will be sufficient.
  • Artificial grass can be used for many years. If one chooses the right product, one can use the product for a long time. In other words, it is very important to choose the product suitable for the area of use. For areas with heavy traffic such as sports training areas, one can choose products with high millimeters. For the construction of a football field on which many games will be played, choosing a product with high quality will provide a great advantage.

Installation Process Of Artificial Turf

Artificial turf, which is very similar to natural grass, can be used in all places where weed does not grow and looks bad. It does not require any extra maintenance or cleaning. It is used for a long time without deformation and without losing anything from its originality.

When constructing a sports field with synthetic turf ground, the size and plan of which are determined, the ground excavation is taken as the first operation. A foundation is dug on the ground of the field for the beam formwork. The perimeter beam concrete is engaged around the field with the determined dimensions. Special geotextile bundling is applied to the excavated drainage channels. The bundling process can be defined as the complete wrapping of the building foundation with a membrane layer. Drainage pipes cut in suitable sizes are laid. Immediately after the drainage pipes are laid, the drainage pipes are connected to the main drainage part. Filter material is filled in a suitable form and amount to the drainage channels to which the drainage pipes are dug and connected. Then the stone chips are used and compaction is done. After that, crushed stone is poured and compacted, and smoothed with the help of a roller. After this process, the undulation, that is, the fluctuations that may occur is set and prevented. A flat surface is required for the sports field with a synthetic grass surface. For this reason, sufficient compression is done so that the ground takes its flattest shape. The first step after having a flat floor is to lay felt on the floor. The other process after the felt is laid is the laying of synthetic grass. The spread synthetic grass, the helmetin cloth glued to the joints of the carpet, is placed and glued. The adhesive used here is double component polyurethane. Field lines can be made in the color of one’s choice, but are usually yellow and white. The field lines are placed in a sport-appropriate manner. One of the last processes is the pouring of sand. With the pouring of sand, the brushing process is carried out with the help of the brushing machine. The field becomes suitable for sports.

Artificial Turf Cleaning On Football Field

Hybrid grass is a product that can be easily cleaned when dirty but since sports fields are filled with granules and sand, it will be better to manually clean things such as branches, leaves and garbage instead of sweeping.

If you need to make artificial turf for the football field, you can choose a reliable company and create a sports field covered with the highest quality products. Please note that choosing a leading company for artificial grass installation will allow the product to be good and the football field to be preferred by many people. So you can earn money too!


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