How To Increase Engagement On Your Facebook Page

Although Facebook has the highest number of active users amongst all the social media platforms, at approximately 2.74billion, engagement has been on a steady decline. The average Facebook engagement rate is 3.6%, with video engagements being higher at 6.13%. Unfortunately, if you have few followers, engagement will be low. You can increase your Facebook visibility when you buy more likes on Facebook

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Focus on quality posts instead of quantity

Unfortunately, many marketers assume that the way to remain visible to their followers is by posting numerous Facebook posts daily. This can be frustrating, especially if your posts are of little value to your followers. You may end up losing some of your followers if they feel like you are spamming their feeds with post after post. 

Instead, you should post less frequently and ensure that the post is eye-catching. If, however, you’ve got the hang of posting great content, and posting several times a day is getting you great engagement, you don’t need to change your strategy. 

Come up with an approachable brand personality.

Don’t assume a serious persona on your Facebook page because this can be a turnoff. Most social media users are easy-going and much as they have certain expectations for businesses they interact with, they also don’t want to deal with someone who is “stiff”. 

Facebook is a social media platform, and users consider everyone, including businesses, social entities. They are seeking professionalism, but with a twist of fun. Your tone of voice will determine how approachable you are. 

If users feel they can relate easily with you, they will like, comment, and even share your posts with their friends and family. When you find that voice that people enjoy, you should be consistent because should you deviate, your followers may lose interest. 

Find the ideal time to post

Did you know that approximately 4000 posts are sent on Facebook every second and about 350 million photos are uploaded and shared daily? How can you ensure your post stands out from the thousands that your followers see every minute? The large volume of content is one of the reasons for low engagement on Facebook. However, you can go around this by being strategic on when to post your content. 

You can start posting during peak hours, which is 1 pm during the week, and 3 pm Wednesday to Friday. This is the period when Facebook has the highest traffic, and your post is most likely to be seen. You can also consider posting on weekends when users don’t expect business posts. You never know, you might have the edge over your competitors by posting during non-business hours. 

Use videos for more engagement

As mentioned above, videos on Facebook attract more engagement than other posts, so you should consider incorporating them in your content. Ensure the videos are short yet entertaining. You should also consider using captions. According to a study by Locowise, it was discovered that 93% of videos on Facebook were viewed without sound. 

Facebook users tend to spot posts with many likes, comments and shares. They are curious what got so many people interested in that specific post. So, buying likes is the fastest way to trigger engagement on your Facebook page.


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