Apparently this has been everywhere but I’m not a student anymore so don’t spend most of my days getting stoned wrapped in a blanket and watching Jeremy Kyle so i missed it, and figured this might be the case for a bunch of other people too. So here we go.

Skull Tattoo Face

The self styled Mad Dog Deon, 27 tattooed his face with a skull last week, which finally prompted his girlfriend and mother of his children to drag him on the Jeremy Kyle show and make him get a lie detector test. This is the kind of stuff you would normally expect to see on American TV, but this guy is actually from near where I grew up in Birmingham: Walsall in the Black Country. In fairness I always knew it was kind of a trashy joint and I barely ever went there, but this is next level.

The interview includes stories of him cheating on a crazy weekend in Blackpool, inherent personal problems which caused him to disappear, amusing altercations with Jeremy Kyle where Deon claims his face is more ridiculous than his own before it lurches like a train wreck towards its inevitable conclusion. It’s pretty rank but you can’t really turn it off, kinda like most episodes of Jeremy Kyle.

[yframe url=’http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=arTqHggoGaY’]


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