This House Listing Has Gone Viral For Being Completely Bonkers

Not what you would expect at all.

There’s always a load of weird house listings whenever you’re looking to rent or buy a property – especially in big cities like London or New York or whatever – but this one legitimately might be the strangest one yet.

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Located just outside of Pittsburgh, trust me when I say that you are not ready for what you’re going to find when you click through these pictures:

Do you like Fun & Adventure? See this One of a Kind Brick Ranch, Converted into a 2 Story. Enter the Door to a 13th Century Castle Décor Sunken Living Rm, w/ Dramatic, High, Oak Beamed Ceiling, Hardwood Floor, Brick Fireplace, a Ladder to an Elevated Library.

Time Travel at Warp Speed to the 25th Century Starship. A Talking Space Alien greets you as you walk toward the Floor to Ceiling, Outer Space Wall Mural. The Dining Rm Command Center Rear Wall opens up to the Spaceship Main Bridge-Working Computer & Controls from an Apache Helicopter, Speakers & a 55 Inch Screen (TV works). Pocket Door to the Functional “Galley Kitchen.” Open the Hatch Door & you find the Laundry, Large Storage Area & Workshop.

Take the Spiral Staircase to Explore the 2nd Floor, which has a Den Area, a Walkway & 3 Bedrooms. There’s a Tropical Island Themed Bedroom & a 1970 Hippie Crash Pad Bedroom with a Queen Water Bed. Level Back Yard w/ a Pool (under warranty) and Patio Area. Beautiful Wisteria over Pergola.

What the actual hell? It kinda seems like someone has redesigned this house so that every room is the secret room from Finders Keepers and that there aren’t any actual normal rooms inside it.

It would probably be really fun if you were a kid growing up in it, but surely the novelty of something like this would wear off pretty much immediately if you were an actual adult here? How much fun can it be to spend every day of your life pretending you’re in the control room of a spaceship every time you want to watch a movie?

The pool at the back obviously would be a lot of fun, but I feel like anyone moving into this place would probably have to destroy the majority of the interior before actually moving in. Having said that, apparently for the area they price is a major snip at only £130,00, so might be worth taking a punt on it and remodelling?

Also shout out to the random use of capital letters in the listing, Feels like it really captures the vibe of the place.

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