PHOTOS: Man Gets Revenge On Enemy By Graffitiing Insults All Over His House

Jack Palmer Insult Graffiti House

Jack Palmer must have done something really, really bad to warrant this kind of reaction.

I don’t know who Jack Palmer is – other than he probably used to reside in Rutherford, New Jersey – but he definitely couldn’t have imagined that he would piss someone off so much that they would graffiti an entire house with insults directed towards him.

I can’t even imagine hating someone so much that I would have the time or energy to do this, so either Jack Palmer is the biggest asshole alive or whoever did this has a lot of free time and energy on their hands. I would probably say that it’s some kind of combination of the two, but whatever the reason it is responsible for this house which came out looking awesome. I just wish I knew what he did to get this guy so riled up.

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