The Hotel Nearest To Area 51 Is Fully Booked The Night Of The Raid

Looks like people mean business.

For the last couple of days, all anyone has been able to talk about on the internet is the planned raid of Area 51 on September 20th that apparently over two and a half million people are going to turn up at in order to expose the truth about the mysterious US army base.

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Whilst a bunch of people out there have quite rightly questioned whether or not this is actually going to happen and a million people are working out their travel arrangements for the big night as we speak, some evidence that at least some people are serious about it has emerged with the news that the hotel closest to Area 51 is indeed fully booked for the evening in question. Connie West is the owner of the Little A’Le’Inn hotel which is situated about 26 miles from Area 51 and she revealed that all ten rooms were booked out for September 20th and that another 60 people had committed to camping on the 30 acres of land surrounding it.

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She’s never known demand like it during all her years running the hotel, telling NPR the following:

Yes, it sounds like a joke, but there apparently are some people who want to check out the joke.

Apparently, people are taking it seriously. I think they’re stupid if they think they’re going to get to the test site, but I’m gonna capitalise on it.]

Fair enough I suppose – you can’t really complain about good old American capitalism there can you? Even if it quite possibly may end up in the death of everyone that you’re taking money, you’ve still gotta love that sense of American hustle. Make America great again!

The other point to take from this is that people are actually heading to Area 51 on September 20th, so maybe we’ll see a massacre out there or maybe we’ll actually find out the truth about what’s actually in there after all these years. I know 70 people isn’t THAT many when there are meant to be over two million showing up, but at least it’s something. Either way though, it looks like something is going to happen hey? Exciting.

For more of the same, check out these guys who are planning to live stream whatever happens. Will definitely be tuning into that.


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