A Hot Tub Party Host Has Told Police That He Doesn’t Believe In Lockdown Rules

Of course he doesn’t.

I’m not really sure how we’re doing on lockdown this time around but it seems to me like we’re hearing about less people not following the rules. Not too sure if that’s because more people are actually abiding by them or if it’s because more people are flouting them so it has to be something major for it to make the news.

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Depressingly, it’s probably the latter as here’s a story about a guy who decided to have a hot tub party during the quarantine and justified it by saying that he didn’t believe in the lockdown rules. At least his excuse makes sense I suppose, even if it is slightly misguided.

The 32 year old man hosted the party at his home in Poplar Grove, Forest Town, Mansfield and invited six of his friends from five different households. Seems like he was sticking to ‘The Rule Of Six ‘ there doesn’t it? Bit hypocritical if he doesn’t believe in lockdown rules hey?

Anyway, the cops ended up shutting down his little gathering and said that he was pretty rude and obstructive about it all, refusing to give the police his details. He will now have to appear in court as a result of his actions, so it seems like they managed to figure out who he was eventually.

Assistant Chief Constable Steve Cooper of Nottinghamshire Police said the following about the incident:

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I find it pretty astonishing that anyone would think it is okay to behave in this sort of way when there has been clear guidance given around not mixing households.

We are still very much in a lockdown as a nation and we need to keep abiding by these laws. Covid is real and has the potential to kill people and we cannot forget this.

Everyone has to do their bit to limit the spread of the virus and keep people safe. Our approach has always been to engage, explain and encourage people to act responsibly, but we won’t hesitate to use enforcement action where necessary as we continue to do all we can to protect our communities.

I mean he’s always going to say that because he’s a cop isn’t he, but it is kinda crazy that people are so blatantly breaking the rules by throwing events like hot tub parties. It’s gotta be so obvious that they’re going to get caught doing something like that, so it almost seems beside the point, especially when you only have to wait a couple of weeks before you’re sorta allowed to do it. Ridiculous, but what do you expect at this point?

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