The Latest Dumb Internet Craze Is Here: The Hot Coil Challenge

Hot Coil Challenge

Hope this one doesn’t take off.

Every couple of months a new dumb internet craze comes along that everyone gets involved in – you know like the Mannequin Challenge or the Ice Bucket Challenge or NekNominate – and they’re usually pretty annoying but 90% of the time they’re just a bit of fun and not actually detrimental to your health.

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Not so with this next one though, which is loving referred to as the Hot Coil Challenge. In case you can’t figure out what this involves, then you can check out the moron in the video below taking part in it for the first time. It’s pretty much exactly what you would expect it to be though:

Ouch. Really hope this doesn’t catch on as you can definitely see some morons burning their whole arms off or maybe even their faces because that’s just how people seem to act around these challenges now, desperate to get one up on those that went before them.

Probably only going to be a couple of days before I’m sharing an absolutely horrific video from it on Sick Chirpse. Watch this space.

For more challenges, remember the BoobLuge Challenge? No, me neither.


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