The Horrifying Final Moments Of The Christian Preacher Killed By The Indian Tribe Have Been Revealed

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Back to the primitive.

The story of the American preacher who attempted to convert a savage Indian tribe to Christianity but ended up being brutally murdered has been all over the news in the past couple of days, but the exact circumstances of his death haven’t been revealed until now.

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27 year old John Allen Chau paid seven local fisherman to transport him close to the North Sentinel island off the coast of India to spread the word of the Lord. He then proceeded to get in his own canoe and paddle to the shore, but once he disembarked from his boat he was immediately bombarded with arrows from the Sentinelese tribe.

Chau continued to walk towards the tribe but was then knocked over and a rope was placed around his neck, before his body was dragged along the beach. The next anyone ever saw of him was when the fisherman saw his body hung up on the shore as a warning to anyone else who wanted to try and interfere with their way of life. Sounds like something from an Eli Roth movie hey?


The thing is that this shouldn’t have occurred under any circumstances as there’s actually a law forbidding anyone from coming into contact with the tribesmen in order to protect their way of life. They’ve made it quite clear that they don’t want to be contacted and the Indian government has decided to respect their wishes and try to prevent the further loss of life that will clearly happen if anyone tries to tame them.

As such, the fisherman are now being charged with Chau’s murder. Hopefully this tragic but preventable incident will convince any other woke preachers that it’s completely worthless heading over there to try and civilise these guys, it’s just not happening I’m afraid.

For more tribes, check out this detailed piece we did about the people of the North Sentinel Island a while ago. Freaky.


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