Horrified Aldi Shopper Found ‘Intestines’ Inside His £3.75 Chicken


I guess people have had a lot more to worry about during the pandemic in the last few months that we haven’t really seen so many posts about people complaining about their food, so I guess it’s a sign that things are back to normal.

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We’re over at Aldi for this one – who usually have a pretty good track record with this kind of stuff not happening – with Gordon Duncan from Aberdeen claiming that he found a bunch of intestines still inside the whole chicken that he purchased from their branch up there. Obviously he shared the pictures to Facebook along with the following comments:

Absolutely disgusted at what I found inside this Aldi chicken after I cooked it.

The intestines etc are all still inside! I will never buy from Aldi again.

I am also disgusted at the low level of customer service I received this morning when I called to complain.

I have since emailed Aldi Managing Director and Environmental Health.

Although this kind of thing is unacceptable, it does sound like Gordon is a bit of a Karen with all these comments doesn’t it? I always say this when I write about these incidents – you can go back and check if you want – but they’re literally SO RARE that even though it sucks when it happens to you, you can probably give the supermarket a break about it considering the sheer volume they have to deal with every day. Take a chill pill Gordon.

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