This Horrific Motorcycle Crash Illustrates Why You Should Always Follow The Rules Of The Road

Horrific Motorcycle Acicident

Don’t overtake on a double yellow line you prick.

It’s never nice featuring videos of horrific road accidents, but it’s hoped by sharing them that the people who watch them won’t make such blatant errors of judgment as those driving them.

The guy overtaking in this video from the Marcos highway flyover in Baguio City in the Phillippines is an absolute prick basically. Not only is it on a double yellow line – which means no overtaking – but it’s also on a curve which 100% means that he can’t see what’s coming up for him and there are also a bunch of cars in front of him so he’s got a hell of a way to go before he even gets past them.

Absolutely maniacal behaviour:

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Miraculously the guy is still alive somehow, although he’s suffered multiple broken bones and won’t be going home any time soon. I guess he should count himself lucky though. I hope whatever that guy was in such a rush to get to was worth it.

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