Honey G Has Radio Meltdown After Claiming She’s ‘Better Than Stormzy’

Honey G

What was she expecting?

The absolute joke of X-Factor, Honey G, has already managed to have a complete breakdown after facing a couple of awkward questions during a radio interview. What was she expecting?

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The “rapper” had been talking music with Charlie Sloth on Radio 1Xtra after her elimination from The X Factor on Sunday evening. And while things started off fine, the interview took a turn for the worse when her credibility came into question.

Sloth decided to test his luck and asked Honey G:

Would you say you’re better than Stormzy?


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She tried to detract the question by saying:

He’s got a different type of talent, and everyone shines brightly in their own individual way.

But Sloth was having none of it and tested her further by asking:

But are you better than him?

After more back and forth like this, Honey G walked out of the radio interview. Sloth blamed her management for pulling the plug, and said:

Honey G has left the building. Her manager has taken her out, didn’t want that interview to continue.

I was to be as respectful as I could, while asking the questions that the people wanted asking, and for me, I am a massive fan and believer of everyone deserving a chance and opportunity to better themselves.

I’m not knocking anybody, the questions needed to be asked, and I tried to do it in as fair a way I could while keeping it light-hearted and fun. Unfortunately the interview can’t continue, but there you go.

Fair play to Sloth. To be honest, this is the first time I’ve heard Honey G, although I’ve seen her dumb face plastered all over the tabloids for the last few weeks. She seems like an absolute joke, although what X Factor contestant isn’t?

How has the human race descended this low? Speaking of which, check out this dumb new social media craze. What happened?


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