Homemade Highlights: The Olympics Go All DIY And Shit

WSJ Homemade Highlights

The crafty folks at The Wall Street Journal get their Pritt Sticks out for their own versions of the Olympic highlights. NBC it ain’t.

WSJ Homemade Highlights

One week in and it seems like everyone across our green and pleasant land is still glued to the Beeb to watch our boys and girls go for gold. Across the pond, it’s NBC who forked out a mighty $1 billion for the rights to broadcast the games, leaving other broadcasters with little rights to show the highlights on their stations. But did it stop them from trying? No fvcking way! The crafty folks at the Wall Street Journal whipped out their pom poms, pipe-cleaners and…erm…breadsticks and made their own fvcking highlights, sticking it to the man. I know what I’d rather watch. Check out a sample video below but you can see all of their Homemade Highlights here.

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