Take A Tour Around This Homeless Dude’s Pimpin’ Pad Complete With Jacuzzi

Homeless Man Pimpin Pad

Just because you’re homeless doesn’t mean you can’t have it all.

I often feel like being homeless would be one of the worst things in the world, but videos like the one below show me that it might not necessarily be all that bad.

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In the video, some homeless dude is absolutely pimping it out underneath a freeway somewhere in LA. He’s managed to create a completely sick place to live given his circumstances, with a full on double bed, jacuzzi, living room, working toilet and a guest room and a smoking tent. That might sound unrealistic, but check out the video – it actually looks like a pretty decent set up:

OK OK, so the jacuzzi is actually just a refrigerator turned on its side and I’m not even sure how that works as a jacuzzi, but I suppose it’s a nice try. And yeah, the guy isn’t going to get any security from other people and the elements where he’s at, but he’s doing a darn sight better than a lot of the homeless population and he seems pretty happy rocking it like that, so you gotta give him props really.

For more homeless people killing it, check out this dude who goes back to a different girl’s house every night despite not having one of his own. Killer.


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