Holiday Video Made Like A Boss


Be inspired and check out what this guy’s done with his boring old holiday video.


Taking holidays snaps is always fun. I always buy a couple of disposables and rip through those on my travels because there’s nothing better than getting a film developed and not knowing what’s on it. I’ve never really made any videos while on holiday but after watching this one I think it’s going to be my next travel project, because this dude shows how you do it like a total boss.

This video is made a buy a fella called FKY, and features his two sons having a blast in in Spain. The video’s edited really nicely and the music is just ace (Don’t Let Me Be Misunderstood – SANTA ESMERALDA from Kill Bill, Vol.1). So check it out, and be inspired that you be different and creative with whatever you do, even just making a pointless holiday video. Enjoy.


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