This History Of Japan In Under Ten Minutes Is The Most Bizarre/Awesome Thing On The Internet Today

History Of Japan

Music, humour and surrealism combine for a history lesson you’ll never forget.

There are a number of educational videos on the internet these days, and many of these come under the guise of videos which attempt to explain a historical issue or the history of a country. Whilst these might be a great tool for anyone with their GCSEs coming up, for the vast majority of us, it’s probably going to be a bit of a slog to sit through one of them, however much we claim to be interested in the subject.

That’s why more of them need to be like this video from musician/artist Bill Wurst who manages to give the best and most concise history of Japan we’ve ever seen in 9 minutes. He manages to do this by using awesome computer graphics, music, weird modern colloquialisms, as well as a hefty dose of humour and surrealism. All of this combines magnificently to really makes a memorable impact on the viewer:

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Great huh? All learning tools should be like that as it’s way more effective and engaging for young people than stuffy textbooks and boring-ass teachers. I reckon most people would nail a history of Japan GCSE revising from that, rather than another method. Please make more.

For more of the same (although nowhere near as well done), check out this map which illustrates how European borders have changed over time.


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