A Hipster Woman Is Regularly Drinking Pink Gin From A Wine Glass On The London Tube


Last week a photograph of a woman drinking pink gin from a wine glass on the London tube went pretty viral but I didn’t bother writing about it because it seemed a little stupid to be honest, but now it turns out that she’s pretty much becoming a meme and is being spotted all the time with her silly wine glass so I’m just gonna have to cover it.

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The woman has yet to be identified but she was spotted originally on the Northern Line tube towards the end of last week, looking incredibly stylish in her sunglasses, earrings and black top. Everyone probably thought that this was going to be a one off, but it seems as if she does this on the reg, as she was spotted on the weekend on a Great Northern train near Old Street with the exact same setup, only she was drinking a more clear liquid than pink gin this time. Probably Lambrini or something.

So chic. Seems like we might be seeing a lot more of her in the coming weeks if her frequency of travelling around on her own drinking pink gin from a wine glass is continued. Kinda think that she’s some kind of London guerrilla marketing campaign for some new product but I really can’t think what it would be unless it was the pink gin/wine glasses themselves but nobody seems to have pointed out what brand they are or anything, so I’m thinking maybe she is just some weirdo disco queen trying to act all hip and pretentious and pulling it off spectacularly.

It’s not like London is short of those is it so it’s a valid theory? They tend to travel in packs rather than alone though which makes me a bit more suspicious as to her true motivations. Seems like it’s only a matter of time before we find out more about her though.

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