Get Your Bae A Hip Hop Valentine’s Day Card This Year

Hip Hop Valentine's Day Cards Featured

The perfect way to say I love you.

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner and if you’re wondering what to get your bae this year, look no further than these hip hop themed Valentine’s Day cards from Canadian artist Diamond Donatello.

They’re all available on her Etsy store and you have to admit that if you want to impress your other half then this is the way to do it, rather than heading down to Sainsbury’s and buying them a Valentine’s card that you probably won’t even read before you give it to them. Even if you pretend you don’t, everyone loves hip hop and so this is pretty much a foolproof plan.

And if they actually don’t secretly like hip hop, you can always buy them a Valentine’s Card with The Rock on, or go really old school and get them one of these Breaking Bad Valentine’s Day cards instead. Everyone loves Breaking Bad, that goes without saying.

There’s a bonus Valentine’s Day card at the end of the slideshow too that’s probably the best Valentine’s Day card you could ever send to anyone.

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