Hip Hop Playlist #2

Sick Chirpse’s very own Tim Westwood, Herbalsoda, takes you through his current top picks in the UK Hip Hop scene.

Before I knew any better the phrase “UK hip hop” used to make me shudder. It seemed like such a jarring non sequitur and brought to mind images of Tim Westwood – a vicar’s son from Peterborough who seemed desperate to sound like he was from Harlem. Fast forward a few years and I realise I was a dick for shuddering and soon learned the error of my ways and now recognise Westwood as the UK hip hop maestro he truly is as he has admittedly introduced a lot of people (including me) to a lot of good music.

Anyway, following on from my last effort; here is my list of UK hip hop that I really like at the moment. Click on the page numbers below to check out my latest recommendations.

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