Hip Hop Playing Cards

hip hop playing cards

Hip hop and playing cards seem like a match made in heaven so it’s surprising that nobody has combined the two as effectively as these guys yet.

hip hop playing cards

Everyone likes it when you see a famous game but it’s been transposed to include your favourite TV show or film or even city or something right? You know like The Wire Monopoly or Simpsons playing cards or even The Lego Wire to a certain extent?

For some reason it seems cool to mesh these two mediums and even though it costs a bomb and you’re probably never going to use it more than once, when you’re sat there staring at it in the store you’re thinking ‘well yeah it IS a lot of money but IT WOULD JUST BE SO COOL if I had that sitting on my shelf when people came round and saw it, everyone would be like whoa that’s kinda cool and open it up and look at it and be like wow, cool, but I doubt we would ever play it that much but it would just be so cool blah blah blah’ and you think about it for a while and nine times out of ten you decide not to buy it, which is probably the best decision because you decided people will probably think you’re cool if you just put up a Hunter S Thompson poster in your living room or whatever (Spoiler: they probably won’t think you’re that cool).

But sometimes you do buy it and it turns out to be a mistake. I remember once I bought these Duke Nukem playing cards because well, everyone knows Duke Nukem is super cool right? But then when I opened the packet it was bullshit because the playing cards just had a Duke Nukem logo on the back and the front was just the same as normal playing cards. Boring. When I get custom playing cards I want the front to be custom too, like when I saw a Simpsons pack of playing cards (but didn’t buy them because they were like £15 and not that cool) and Krusty the Klown was the joker and Homer was the king and Bart was the Ace and stuff like that. That was cool but it was £15. It seems like all the ones that were cool were too expensive. I guess you get what you pay for.

This new range of hip hop playing cards continues the trend, although they are super cool in terms of their design. They’ve even gone the extra mile and made every single card different in terms of the character that’s one it. On the Simpsons one I had they had custom characters on the front of the card but they were the same in every suit. Bullshit, but these hip hop playing cards just don’t give a fvck and have all the big stars like Jay Z, Snoop Dogg, Kanye WestBeastie Boys and Dre but it’s not new school enough to feature Tyler The Creator and the rest of OFWGKTA though, which is probably a good thing right? Unfortunately the current drop has sold out but it looks like they might be getting some more in soon. They’re 2300 Yen which is about 18 quid but then I guess you have to ship them from Japan too which will cost top dollar too. Still, just think how cool they will look when people come over! You might play ring of fire with them a couple of times too, who knows?

You can check out the store at Mynority Classics but otherwise here are a few pictures of the playing card collection and a cool video showing you how they were made:

hip hop playing cards hearts

hip hop playing cards spades
hip hop playing cards diamonds

hip hop playing cards clubship hop playing cards long

[yframe url=’http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0X2eT4P70rs’]


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