Watch Hillbillies Armed With Shotguns And Knives Deliver Justice On A Local Motorcyclist

Hillbillies Attack

‘You thought it was a buncha yous and one of him!’

It’s an old TV cliche that whenever rednecks are in trouble, they radio their boys and they’re on the scene within minutes with daddy’s shotgun and an itch to fight, and it turns out that that myth is steeped in reality if this video is anything to go by.

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I’m not sure where it takes place, but it’s a smooth example of justice dished out the hillbilly way i.e. involving completely unjustified over the top violence for no real reason. Actually kinda terrifying and brutal to be honest:

Jesus Christ that escalated quickly! What the heck was it even all about?

Apparently the trucker cut the motorcyclist off and he called him out about it, but I can’t believe that anything that this would justify that guy running in and absolutely pummelling him on the floor like some kind of UFC bruiser. I guess hillbillies do not mess around though. Especially liked it when the fat one took his top off to drive his point home.

In all seriousness though that looked like a horrible situation to find yourself in. Hope those bikers managed to get out of there OK because they were definitely out of their element.

For more of the same, here’s a fat redneck doing a backflip. Impressive.


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