These Two Pictures Of Hillary Clinton Taken Days Apart Have Baffled The Internet

WTF is going on here?

Hillary Clinton is one of the most polarising political figures of all time, but whether you love or hate the former US Presidential candidate, you have to admit there’s something seriously weird going on with these recent photographs of her.

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The first photo is of Hillary Clinton from December 4, 2019:

The second photo is from December 14, 2019:

WTF? How did her entire appearance change in just 10 days?

The internet had some theories:

I don’t know about you but I think we need to get Alex Jones on the case because as one or two of these Tweets suggest, there could be some illuminati/reptilian shapeshifting lizard shit going down here.

OK you might argue it’s just the lighting/angle is different in the second photo or that they got Hillary’s “bad side” and these photos are actually the same person, but where’s the fun in that?

Definitely a shapeshifting Illuminati lizard. Which is probably also what’s going on with Katy Perry after she debuted her new face recently. Yikes.


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