Hidden Bra Camera Demonstrates How Often Men And Women Steal Sneaky Glances At Boobs

Hidden Boob Camera


When you’re on the train or whatever and you see a girl walk past, it’s pretty much inevitable that you’re going to start checking them out and probably take a quick look at her rack, even if you’re married or have a girlfriend. Maybe if you’re specially pervy try and get a video of them with the new iPhone 6 slow motion feature, but only if you’re especially pervy.

However, as much as I see people doing that and do it myself, I never imagined that it was happening quite as much as it was and is proved by this experiment where a hidden camera was placed in a woman’s bra and picked up every single glance she got throughout the day from both men and women. I’m pretty sure you won’t believe how many times it actually happens, although there isn’t any actual idea of how long this video is filmed over. Still, I was surprised by just how many times it happens in this video massively because it seems like it’s literally happening all the time.

The video is actually a pretty smart advert for breast cancer awareness, so if you’re a girl reading this make sure you check yours today. And all you guys reading this should probably check your balls too, or they might end up like this kid who ripped them off after he caught them on a bollard he was jumping over.


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