Watch This Absolute Hero Tackle A Bag-Snatcher To The Floor And Return Purse To Owner

We need more people like this.

A dark shades-rocking dad bravely took on a thief who had stolen a woman’s handbag before sending the lad packing and returning the bag to its rightful owner.

Darren Brownson, 36, was driving through Farnham in Surrey with wife Nicole when he spotted the little chav sprinting down the road while clutching the bag.

With his spidey-sense tingling, Darren pulled over and chased the man down, putting him in a headlock and slamming him onto the ground while giving him a stern telling off:

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Come on, Darren! What a guy! As you might expect, wife Nicole was practically dripping puddles in the passenger seat as she watched her man pulled off his heroics:

My husband saw a purse getting snatched today.

He pulled over, chased the guy down and retrieved the purse then returned it to the owner.

Darren told MailOnline he returned the handbag to Sainsbury’s where it appeared the suspect had come from. He said he has been overwhelmed with the reaction to his heroics but didn’t want to say any more.

No need to say anything more, Darren. Your actions speak for themselves! Obviously the police have put out a statement regarding the incident saying they discourage the public from ever putting themselves in harm’s way like this, but I think we can all agree that we need more people like Darren in this world who are ready to step in the right some wrongs at a moment’s notice. Big up Darren and Nicole too for catching it all on film. What a pair of legends!

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