Hero Sets World Record By Carrying 26 Full Steins At Oktoberfest

26 Steins26 Steins


Sometimes people achieve the absolute stupidest world records that require no real effort or skill just to say they’ve got a real world record – it’s completely dumb. The guy in this story is absolutely not one of those guys at all though.

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His name is Michael Sturm and he’s managed to worm his way into the Guinness Book of Records by carrying 26 steins full of beer at an Oktoberfest event in Brazil. In order to do so he had to carry them 40 meters and make sure that 90% of the alcohol was still in the stein by the end of the course.

That’s not exactly the amount you would be happy with being left in your glass if someone came brought you a pint over, but considering what this guy is going through I’m gonna let him off. Check out the video of his achievement below:

Serious tekkers and mad props to the dude.

Fun fact: Sturm actually tried to break the record by doing 28 steins but actually ended up dropping them all, smashing glass everywhere which is why he’s got a bandage on his knee. Fair play to him for keeping going and eventually smashing the record, even if he did have to drop a couple of steins. No shame in that.

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