Absolute Hero Saves Student From Jumping In Front Of Train At The Last Second (VIDEO)

Great reaction time.

China’s public transport system runs like clockwork and is usually very busy, so any type of disruption could spell absolute disaster for people’s commutes.

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Maybe that’s what railway worker Weng Jianzhong had in mind when he spotted a young student about to throw herself onto the tracks. Or if we’re not being so cynical, maybe he just wanted to save the girl’s life:

Damn that was close. He just barely saved her. Also not sure but I think he might have a concussion from the way his head bounces off the concrete when he initially grabs her. I don’t know if they give out medals in China, but I’d say Weng Jianzhong deserves one for that effort.

With those types of reflexes, maybe he could join this bloke drop-kicking suicide women off balconies with the fire brigade.


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