Here’s What Happens When You Shoot 11 Watermelons Point Blank With A Sniper Rifle

Sniper Rifle Watermelons


The guys over at Demolition Ranch are always coming up with crazy hair brain gun demonstration videos and this one is no different, with the dudes setting up a sniper rifle to shoot 11 watermelons at point blank range.

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I haven’t really ever thought about how powerful a sniper rifle is before but obviously the answer is very because the bullet has to travel long distances quickly and efficiently at high speeds, and that’s only going to make its eventual impact even more pronounced. Firing it at point blank range into these watermelons though really exemplifies this as you see see it exploding a whole bunch of the water melons into little tiny pieces. Powerful.

Those guns sure pack a wallop huh? I was kind of disappointed that the bullet didn’t travel through all 11 of the watermelons but the fact that the ones it did hit ended up pretty much liquefied more than made up for it. That’s a powerful weapon right there all right.

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