Here’s A Video Of Andrew And Tristan Tate Being Escorted In And Out Of DIICOT HQ

The brothers used the time to protest their innocence.

It’s been well documented that Andrew Tate and his brother Tristan have been held in a Romanian prison for the past month or so ever since they were arrested for human trafficking, but yesterday the pair of them were taken to the Romanian Directorate for Investigating Organised Crime and Terrorism building for more questioning and used the opportunity to protest their innocence.

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The brothers were marched in and out of the building in handcuffs as members of the press gathered around them filming, taking photographs and asking questions. Both of them claimed that the Romanian authorities had no evidence they had broken the law and that they were simply trying to steal their money and cars.

Here’s the footage below:

They have no evidence, they’re trying to steal my cars, my money, that is why I’m in jail.

They know we have done nothing wrong. The case file is empty.

Of course it’s unjust, there’s no justice in Romania unfortunately,

Well, who knows at this point I suppose? The Tates are convinced that there’s no evidence against them and all of their supporters are going to keep bleating that line until we actually see some, but surely the Romanian authorities can’t just keep them imprisoned like this unless they’ve uncovered some sort of proof of their heinous crimes? There’s no smoke without fire hey?

I guess we’ll just keep watching until something happens. Romania has until February 27th as it stands.

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