Here’s A TikTok Of Shia LaBeouf Getting A Coronavirus Test

What a guy.

I’m not a big fan of TikTok – it’s fucking stupid really isn’t it? – but when people can use it to promote good ideas and practices like Shia LaBeouf recently did when getting a Coronavirus test then I’m all for it.

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Right now, the big COVID movement is people refusing to wear masks, but I’m sure that when a vaccine comes out and people start getting asked to take it then there will be a big backlash against that as well. Probably a refusal even to be tested outright to see if you have ever contracted the virus too – that just seems to be the way that things are going with all this.

Hopefully, some people will see Shia’s video below and realise that it’s not actually that much trouble or that painful to get tested. Take a look and see what you think:

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What a guy. Love the way he’s so nice to the person administering his test when you just know that the majority of other Hollywood actors probably wouldn’t even give her the time of day. A real treasure.

In fact, people were so enamoured with how safe he was to Yesenia that her name started trending on Twitter briefly yesterday. Sadly, this was all mainly to do with how many people wish that they could swap places with her so that they could hang out with Shia rather than recognising how awesome he was being, but I guess the two are kinda related a little bit at least right?

Twitter can be so stupid sometimes. Go get tested though, praise TikTok.

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