Here’s Liam Neeson In A New Action Thriller From The Co Creator Of ‘Ozark’: ‘The Honest Thief’

He’s back.

If you hear about a Liam Neeson film these days then you pretty much just know it’s gonna involve him being a badass and running around shooting people and torturing them, and it looks as though his new one ‘The Honest Thief’ is going to fit that template to a T.

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‘The Honest Thief’ sees Neeson playing an infamous thief who has been inspired to turn his back on his conniving ways after meeting the love of his life, resolving to turn himself into the FBI and return all the money that he’s stolen during his career. Unfortunately, things don’t go to plan for him –  do they ever? – and he ends up at war with the FBI instead. Oh dear.

Take a look at the trailer below and see what you think:

Yep, that pretty much looks like it’s going to be Neeson by the numbers, but I suppose the fact that ‘Ozark’ co-creator Mark Williams is directing and involved might make it a bit better. To be honest if you’re going to see a Liam Neeson movie these days then you know exactly what you’re getting so it’s probably not going to be a problem for anyone heading to check it out.

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