Here’s How To Stop Your iPhone Saying ‘Ducking’ All The Time In About 20 Seconds



One of the most annoying first world problems that you’re probably going to encounter if you have an iPhone and a dirty mouth is that every time you want to try and say fucking, then the fucking thing autocorrects it to ducking, which is a word that barely anybody uses ever.

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Of course, it gets even more annoying when you try and type it in again only for it to autocorrect again one more, and another time before it finally lets you type in fucking. Exhausting.

There is a relatively easy way to avoid this from happening though – just add the word ‘fucking’ to the iPhone’s dictionary via keyboard settings – but that’s way too much effort for most people in 2016. Instead, Guardian US columnist Steven Thrasher has come up with a way easier method that you’ll all know how to do and will take way less time. Thanks a bunch pal:

Alrite. I hope you’ve all done that now and your lives are infinitely better now as a result of it. You’re welcome – like Thrasher says that really is one of the best life hacks ever.

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