Someone’s Finally Made Chris Kamara Use His God Given Talent To Commentate On Call Of Duty

Chris Kamara Call Of Duty

Unbelievable Jeff.

For pretty much as long as it’s been on, Chris Kamara has been one of the best things about Soccer Saturday as his insane over the top enthused commentary never ceases to get you interested, even if he’s commentating on a borefest like Villa vs Bolton or something.

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So it’s a surprise that nobody has taken advantage of his god given talent and have him commentate on other sports and events on a more regular basis like Call Of Duty have decided to do with this latest promo for the game. They’ve roped in Kamara to commentate on some matches in the build up to the finals of the Call of Duty World League Championship and we’re not really sure he knows what he’s on about (wouldn’t be the first time), but that commentary style we all know and love shines through:

Yep, he definitely had no idea what was happening there and it was a good thing that that Bryce guy was on hand to help him out otherwise it would have been even more of a disaster. I did like it when he said that they clinically ‘outslayed’ the opponents though – that was a nice touch.

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