Here Are A Bunch Of Films That Flopped At The Box Office That Ended Up Making Millions


Cult classics.

There are a whole bunch of movies out there that have gone on to have massive followings that absolutely failed at the box office when they were first released. These are usually referred to as cult classics, and surprisingly include movies such as The Big Lebowski, Fight Club, Donnie Darko and Heathers – all which you would probably have expected to have done pretty well at the box office given their status in 2016.

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The guys over at Looper have decided to create a definitive listing of the top 10 box office flops that went on to make millions and you can see it below. Like I said, there are some real surprises in there:

Some real classics in there, although I’m kinda not surprised that things like Office Space and Event Horizon didn’t do that well at the cinema. Fantastic movies though, all of them.

Did you know that Donnie Darko is being released in 4K this Christmas for its 15th anniversary? Will be pretty cool seeing that again in the cinema.


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