Leap years are more dangerous than you think.


It’s a leap year. You know what that means right? An extra day of partying. Or maybe an extra day to do something else. Like propose to your boyfriend. It’s allowed in leap years. This is probably something that all girls think is a really good idea and all guys who are in long term relationships probably dread. As I don’t fall into either of those categories though I can’t say for sure, although I’m pretty sure if I had a girlfriend it wouldn’t be a day I would be looking forward to, whereas now I’m stoked for it.

I don’t really get why girls go for it either. I wouldn’t call myself a traditionalist but surely if a guy actually WANTS to marry you he would just ask you  rather than wussing out and letting you ask him. I used to work with this woman who had asked her boyfriend to marry her on a leap year and he said yes but FOUR YEARS LATER they still hadn’t set a date. I kind of felt a bit sorry for her but not really because she was kind of a twat.

But yeah, if unlike me YOU fall into one of these two categories – desperate girl or commitment shy boy – Hendrick’s Gin have fortunately got all the answers for you. They’re setting up some CLASSES in the art of WOO and ANTI WOO (Their words, DEFINITELY NOT mine) that are touring the country this February to help you deal with the implications of February 29th. It’s coming to LDN on the 20th February at the Lonsdale (today). You get a free complimentary cocktail and then get some details about what you need to do on February 29th. There’s two options – The Ladies School of Nuptial Conquest and the School for Scoundrels. I’ll let you figure out which is which. Here’s some details about each though:

Ladies School of Nuptial Conquest:

  • Make note Ladies, a leap year is upon us and with it comes a notable tradition. The 29th of February offers a small window of opportunity where society cannot condemn a lady for requesting her man’s hand in marriage. With the element of surprise on your side and tips from www.hendricksgin.com, you are sure to get the desired response.

School for Scoundrels:

  • Beware the 29th February. Gentlemen, with its preposterous traditions regarding marriage proposal, this day brings about unwanted whispers amongst femmes that they have the right to disregard gender roles and request a man’s hand in marriage. Learn how to avoid unwanted advances at www.hendricksgin.com.

I’m not sure if it’s free or not, and I don’t really need the advice but I’m thinking some people might, so you should probably go down. If nothing else you get a free drink which is probably worth it. For more info, visit the Reverse Courtship site here or check out a video about it below:




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