My buddy Ollie needs help making his new movie. Check it out.

I’ve known Ollie Jones for a while now, ever since we were 15 and hanging out on the Birmingham punk scene and he was singing in that band Chumpstate. You probably haven’t heard of Chumpstate but they were pretty cool and had this song called Old Punk School that went ‘I AM THE LEADER, BOW DOWN TO ME.’ Yeah, they were a hardcore band, but hardcore was cool back then.

Anyway, after everyone realised that hardcore wasn’t that cool, Ollie went to animation school and aimed to make movies. He shot a zombie movie about seven years ago which never got finished – despite a lot of effort, least of all from me in a crucial role – so I was just like whatever man, this guy isn’t going anywhere, but then last year he asked me to be in another movie called Lost in The Headlights and he actually finished it this time, which I was pretty stoked about. I haven’t seen it yet but there’s (allegedly) a DVD coming in the post to me soon. I got to play another crucial role in that one and get hit in the face with a phonebook a couple of times.

Anyway, after the success of Lost in The Headlights Ollie has decided to make another movie. This is from an idea he had a few years ago and which he actually produced a comic book for a while back, which was pretty cool and maybe won some kind of comic book award or something, I forget. Anyway it has a way bigger budget than Lost in The Headlights and Ollie works in Computer Game Exchange to pay the bills so he’s using that new site indiegogo to try and raise money for it.

Basically how it works is that you pledge some money towards the project and dependent upon the amount you get an equivalent reward. For example, if you really felt like pushing the boat out, you could pledge $500 and get an executive producer credit, alongside a DVD copy of the film. CD copy of the Soundtrack. T-shirt. Personalised sketch of one of the characters from the film. One of a kind hand made 8″ Model of one of the characters from the film and a prop from the film which is pretty neat. Kind of a lot of money though. Maybe just play it on the safe side though and donate $5 though, everything helps.

If you head over to their indiegogo page there’s actually quite a lot of info on there about the movie, costumes, location and cast and they’ve been doing a pretty cool video blog updating about you about the progress of the movie and everything involved in it. It’s pretty regular too so you know, maybe subscribe and keep track of it. It’s bound to be a winner. Here’s the latest of the video blogs below, where you get to see Man Man’s costume fitting. It actually looks pretty decent:


So yeah if you’re into it and have some spare money/are a millionaire head on over to the indiegogo page and help Ollie out. Hey even if you don’t make much money maybe throw him a bone, I’m not exactly rolling in it and I donated $50. Ollie’s a good dude and I’m sure if he gets the tools and budget he needs he can make this movie something special. Safe.

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