Helen Flanagan Launches Music Career With Her Nipples

Helen Flanagan music

Helen Flanagan pulls out the big guns to launch her music career. Check out the video here.

After her recent and terrifying vow to cover up her breasts, relieved men across the nation have been enjoying the emotional fallout from Helen Flanagan’s alleged split from Scott Sinclair, as normal service has resumed on Instagram with plenty of pant-stirring revenge pictures of her sweater meat. Apparently he hated her flaunting her mams, so I guess we all owe him a hearty thanks for her recent surge in “fuck you Scott” activity.

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Maybe the split has led her to go for a change in direction, career-wise, as yesterday she launched her music career. Cynical commentators have suggested that she might possibly be using the quality of her fun bags to flog her drab song. Having said that, I can’t say for certain if I’m a fan of the track, but then again I wasn’t really listening. It’s her glorious chebs that take centre stage here. Have a look for yourself, but maybe not at work…

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