Watch The Heartbreaking Moment Dana White Tells Daniel Cormier Jon Jones Is Out Of UFC 200

Daniel Cormier Crying

‘It’s actually madness.’

The world was rocked a couple of days ago when it was announced that Jon Jones was out of UFC 200 after he had tested positive for a banned substance.

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Despite the fact that most of the people in the world who were into UFC were upset about this as this was a fight they had all been looking forward to for a very long time, nobody really considered how this announcement was going to affect Jones’ opponent for the night Daniel Cormier. As you might expect, he didn’t take it too well and of course UFC decided to film this reaction.

Hey why not? They’re probably going to lose a load of money by the fight not happening, so they might as well try and make some of it back by filming one man’s complete and utter heartbreak and despair, right? It happens around 4 minutes into this promo video:

Yeah, that’s pretty rough dude. But I suppose you can’t blame Cormier for acting like that – he’s been waiting what, 18 months or something for a rematch with Jones and probably stewing about it every single day, then two days before it’s finally supposed to happen after he’s put all the work in for it, it’s taken away through no fault of his own. That’s gotta hurt.

Hopefully Lesnar V Hunt can still be a good fight and save the show. Check out some of Mark Hunt’s knockouts so you know what Brock has got to watch out for tomorrow night.


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