The Head Of An Oregon Militia Has Gone Berserk Because People Keep Sending Them Dildos

Orgeon Militia Leader Taunted By Dildos

The militia asked to be sent care packages during their occupation – instead they were sent sex toys.

One story that we surprisingly haven’t been following on Sick Chirpse is that of an Orgeon militia that have occupied a government-owned conservation building in Oregon to protest against the imprisonment of two of their rancher friends for setting fires on federal land. They allegedly set these fires to cover up their illegal poaching activities.

The occupation is pretty much full on, with the militia members storming the building with guns in order to take it over, although nobody seems to be taking it to seriously except the militia themselves. The Oregon State Police have even announced to the media that they aren’t even monitoring the men, who are ‘free to come and go as they please’. As for the militia themselves, they’ve pretty much just been hanging out in the building drinking coffee, ordering pizza and hiding under tarps with loaded rifles keeping watch for an enemy that will never appear.

Basically, it’s pretty much a joke and sounds like it could be the plot of a Coen brothers movie. It’s become even funnier this week as the internet decided to get in on the joke and troll these right wing idiots (did I neglect to mention they were right wing earlier? Sorry, it seemed obvious – one of them is even an official member of the Trump campaign) as hard as they can.

How did they decide to do this? The militia had been asking people via social media to send them care packages to aid them with their occupation, as there’s only so much pizza they can order I suppose. Of course, the internet wasn’t going to do that and instead decided to send them a whole bunch of sex toys and dildos instead. God bless America.

Wait until you see the video of this dude Jon Ritzheimer – who’s inside the building – reacting to all the dildos he’s been sent though. He really loses the plot and seems convinced that he’s actually involved in something that’s way bigger than it actually is:

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Wow. My favourite part has got to be when he pushes those instruments of oppression (dildos) off the table to really symbolically make a point about how he’s not standing for it anymore. You go Jon!

I also love the way he’s so serious and actually thinks he’s making a difference and encouraging people to come down and join the cause. What cause dude? Doesn’t the fact that everyone in the world is making fun of pretty much everything you’re doing even worse than the fact that nobody actually cares about what you’re doing? Get a clue, seriously.

Hopefully it won’t be long until flying dildos start invading the house.


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