Haunting Pictures Of The Aftermath Of The Dark Knight Rises Shootings Have Been Released

James Holmes

This guy was a grade A psychopath.

Prosecutors have decided to release a bunch of pictures documenting the aftermath of The Dark Knight Rises shootings from 2012, where psychopath James Holmes stormed a cinema in Colorado and shot 12 people dead whilst injuring 70 others.

The pictures include the auditorium where the murders took place, the car in which he suited up in body armour before the attack, and his apartment where he would mess around with homemade explosives trying to create booby traps. Most of these photos were shown to jurors during Holmes’ 4 month trial at the end of which he was found guilty of 165 felonies and sentenced to life in prison. He wasn’t given the death penalty because the jury couldn’t decide whether he deserved to die or not, but life in prison is probably a worse punishment in my eyes anyway.

Check the photos out below.

(Click the arrows below to navigate through the slides.)

This July 2012 evidence photo, which the Arapahoe County District Attorney's Office released in response to open-records requests, shows the Colorado movie theater with bullet holes following the July 20, attack by James Holmes in Aurora, Colo. In August 2015, Holmes was sentenced to life in prison because jurors could not agree that he deserved the death penalty. (Arapahoe County District Attorney's Office via AP)

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